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The Goats

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Alpine & Lamoncha Goats

Rocky and Clorice 

Rocky and Clorice were babies from the same small herd. They were born 2 days apart so as they grew they were buds. Clorice is a small Lamancha and Rocky is a Boar Alpine mix, both are small compared to the Alpine does we adopted. The Alpine does are Bella, Nina and Ellie. Nina is the self appointed Queen, she picks on everyone, well not so much on rocky any more. Clorice gets the worst of Queen Nina's wrath so she hides behind her old buddy Rocky. This was all good until they all came in heat at or near the same time. Rocky in rut was not as protective as he once was...

Bella, Clorice, Ellie and Queen Nina are waiting to give birth. They are all beautiful does and Rocky is quite handsome so the babies should all be adorable. 

Bella, Ellie and Nina were adopted, the lady that owned them was unable to take care and provide them the care they so need. We look forward to expanding our herd of dairy goats. Having fresh goats milk lends itself to so many uses. My favorite is goat cheese to make home style Bruschetta


Lightly toasted multigrain bread with a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil then cover the toast with fresh goat cheese pile on the dice tomatoes then add fresh torn basil a little more EVOO and sprinkle a little Celtic sea salt and a glass of your favorite red wine.

Don Juan & Girls

Don Juan and his harem of hens came to us from a young man that bought a house with a large lot in a community that did not allow chickens let alone a small flock of 9 and a very hard working rooster (making 10)that let the girls and the rest of the world know he was on duty. He was told they had to go along with the rustic condo the 10 called home. We took them in and the rewards were evident at 6:06 the next morning when Don Juan told me it was time to feed and water his girls. I did and that evening we were presented with 5 wonderful orange yoke eggs. Our numbers have increased to 24 hens and the eggs are all as wonderful as the first eggs we received.